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Originally Posted by F8LZ71 View Post
@Fifty just got his custom set of Deaver springs. That and Atlas are sort of our only choices right now and they are not cheap at $600+.

If you just want to bring it back up a little and the springs are not too badly warped you can try a set of AALs.
Yeah, saw those and was hoping for more. I’m not willing to modify the existing setup to make it less broke on a relatively new truck. Especially considering how simple leaf springs are. This isn’t flattening, it’s straight up deformation as if the wrong metal/ improper hardening. Seriously how is this even an issue?

I’m apprehensive about local shops in my area. Surprised by the lack of support for these if none of the big names have even made something. Surely now that some of us are getting some miles, and it looks like that will mean lots of replacements, they’ll step up. Hoped they already had.

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