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Leaf Springs

I noticed that my 2015 is sitting awfully level... maybe even lower in the back. So I crawled underneath and found W shaped leaf springs. This is on a truck with 55k that has been embarrassingly underworked, with maybe a month total of actually carrying a real load in its life.

I know the first gens did this, and some other heavily loaded second gens have. But especially when not worked hard, I think this is ridiculous. How hard is it to get tech right that has been around since the horse and buggy?

Since I know the power train warranty won’t cover this (although I’ll ask anyway), and I’m not putting the same junk back on just to have it fail, I’m looking for spring options. I havnt found any stock replacements other than cheap parts store or factory. Usually I’d go factory but in this case apparently that isn’t good quality. I’m happy with the factory ride height btw. Any recommendations?

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